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Doctor Pupp Was voted America's Top Doctor for Limb Salvage
Doctor Pupp Was voted America's
Top Podiatrist for Limb Salvage

Charcot Foot - Neuropathic Arthropathy - Neuropathic Osteoarthropathy

Charcot foot is a serious progressive degeneration of the weight bearing joints, a condition that can develop in people suffering from neuropathy. Micro changes in the foot can go unnoticed by people with reduced sensation which can lead to the weakening of the bones in the foot which may lead to fractures and bone resorption. Due to the diminished ability to sense or feel pain from injuries, people suffering from nerve damage or neuropathy may continue to walk on the weakened injured foot. Eventually, without treatment of the injured foot, the foot can change shape. Continued walking on the injured foot without treatment can lead to the joints within the ankle and foot collapsing. It is very important that people who suffer from neuropathy monitor changes in their feet such as swelling, soreness, stiffness, a change in color or temperature.

People with neuropathy from conditions such as diabetes should seek out professional assessment immediately if symptoms or changes in their feet occur. Charcot is a very serious condition and should be assessed and treated immediately.

People at risk of Charcot Foot/Joints include anyone with conditions causing neuropathy, decreased sensations, or movement of joints which include but are not limited to the following: